This past Saturday, Island Beach State Park collected Christmas trees that were donated by the public that will be used to help rebuild the sand dunes.

Officials were HOPING for 200 trees but the public more than delivered. Over 2,000 Christmas trees were collected this past Saturday so job well done to all who took part.

Take a look at a few pictures of the Christmas tree collection below:

And now Jersey Shore residents are being invited back to Island Beach State Park this Saturday, January 11th at 8:00 AM to help place the trees on our beaches and help rebuild our sand dunes!! Once again, head to the A-23 parking lot when you arrive.

Trees will be placed where dune growth is needed most and will trap sand so that dunes grow at a much faster rate than if we waited on Mother Nature.

All volunteers MUST pre-register before showing up to help. Register HERE.

So far, Jersey Shore residents have come together and donated a massive amount of  Christmas trees.

Now it is time to come forward to help build the sand dunes to keep our coastal towns safe!

For any additional information, check out the Facebook Post!

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