Here are my personal favorite places to grab an awesome chocolate shake (and my least favorite place, too!):

There are plenty of ice cream parlors that have fabulous chocolate shakes, but my top three favorite places to get one (in no particular order) are:

Bobby's Burger can either get just chocolate, or chocolate malt! And their whipped cream is their own...and it's awesome. But be warned...if you drink the whole thing before your burger, you will have major trouble finishing your whole meal.

Johnny Rocket's...maybe it's the atmosphere of an old fashioned soda fountain that adds to the lure, but I just adore these chocolate shakes! kids and I love making our own shakes...from picking out the flavor ice cream (and yes, mine is always some kind of chocolate) to the do-it-yourself mixer thingy that you whip it up's a great way to make your own shake!

Oh, and let me take a moment to vent here about my LEAST favorite chocolate shakes. There is at least one fast-food joint that uses VANILLA ice cream and just adds chocolate SYRUP to blend for a chocolate shake. To me that is cheating and the taste is not the same as using CHOCOLATE in your chocolate shake, lol!