We broke the story a couple of weeks ago, but we can now report that Mayor John Ducey has confirmed the opening of Trader Joe's in Brick.

Trader Joe's is one of the most requested stores in many towns, props to Mayor Ducey and Brick Township for listening to residents.

There have been rumors about this Brick addition for quite some time. I got word from my town sources recently that plans were in place to put Trader Joe's in the old Ethan Allen location. Both the Mayor and Trader Joe's officials were hesitant to confirm at the time. But now the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. In a statement, Mayor Ducey said:

I’ve been working right from day one on trying to get Trader Joe’s here,” said an excited Brick Mayor John Ducey, who has personally lobbied for a high-end supermarket to come to Brick and urged residents to request one. “It’s definitely the most requested store when I hear from residents. To see it finally come here to Brick – it is a great day because of that.

Trader Joe's is still staying tight-lipped about the opening, and Brick Township hasn't given a timeframe for an opening. Check back here for the latest!

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