There are two types of people at the Jersey Shore when summer arrives, those who embrace it, and those who avoid it at all costs.

Memorial Day Weekend is literally 4 weeks away and all the things that go along with that are about to happen. Here comes the traffic, the crowds, the wait at your favorite restaurant, the visitors from neighboring states who drive like they've never driven before...and the list goes on and on.

For some of us (and I include myself in this category) it's a small price to pay to live at one of the great summer tourist destinations around. Embracing summer at the Jersey Shore means dealing with some nonsense, and the payoff is...well...summer at the Shore.

For others, it's a constant battle for parking spaces and an endless strategy session for trying to avoid the Parkway and any tourist attractions. There's no doubt the landscape of the Jersey Shore is a bit more challenging once the floodgates open at the end of May.

So, what are you going to choose to do this summer? I say, decide to roll with it and soak in all the great things about the Shore! Throw yourself in the middle of it all and head to the boardwalks and beaches no matter how crowded it gets!

I mean, is there anything more wonderful than a beautiful fresh seafood meal on a warm evening overlooking the water? Or is there any better sounds than kids laughing on the rides? Or how about a stroll on a legendary boardwalk with someone you love? Face it, we're pretty lucky to live here.

In my opinion, there are way more reasons to throw yourself into a Jersey Shore summer than to avoid it. So let's get ready to enjoy it completely this year because the countdown is on! And whether you like it or not, it's coming!

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