NCT's Taeyong just proved that his relationship with the group's fans is not only unbreakable but mutually beneficial after he went to them for skincare advice.

"TAEYONG be like, 'Okay girlies I need advice,'" a viral tweet joked about a clip of the K-pop star asking for tips on his livestream.

"It might be a bit weird to ask this, but now that there are more women present here I wanna ask... My skin been producing a lot more sebum lately," Taeyong explained while running his fingers through his platinum hair.

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"Both on my face and my body, but I'm not sure why this is happening. How should I get rid of it?" the rapper and singer continued via fan translation on Twitter/X.

He added that his skin struggle is one of his "biggest concerns" at the moment.

"My blackhead[s]. Oh, no," he joked in English.

The K-pop group leader is no stranger to looking good, after all.

In 2023, Taeyong was appointed ambassador for the Spanish luxury fashion brand Loewe. Plus, he's attended several high-profile fashion week events.

The multi-talented artist made his solo debut the first member of the group to do so in 2023 with his EP Shalala.

Next up, he's set to begin his mandatory military enlistment in South Korea in April 2024, making him the first member of the large group to embark on his enlistment journey.

"I have thoughts like what I would like you guys to do when I'm not here and what I will do as well. How about sharing these things when I go live again? There really isn't much time left now. If we make promises together and do them, won't time pass quickly before we know it?" he said in the same livestream when addressing his upcoming absence.

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