💲 MTA approves congestion pricing, with new fees

💲 Congressman says it keeps getting worse for NJ commuters

💲 Here is how much you will pay now

Every time the MTA in New York City takes up congestion pricing, it seems to get worse for New Jersey commuters.

The board voted preliminary approval to the plan to tax all vehicles entering Manhattan below 60th street on Wednesday.

New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer says they managed to screw over New Jersey drivers even worse by inserting hidden fees into the tolling structure.

While the base toll is $15, you could end up paying much more.

For example, if you don't have EZPass, the toll is $22.50.

The MTA has the ability to declare a "gridlock alert day," when heavier than normal traffic is expected. That would tack on another 25% surcharge to whatever toll you are already paying.

If you commute, want to see a doctor, or grab dinner in New York City, get ready to pay $40 to go over the GWB in 2024. That is in addition to gas and parking. - NJ Rep. Josh Gottheimer

MTA officials also reserved the right to hike all tolls 10% in 2024.

Add it all up, and Gottheimer says commuters using the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey could end up paying $5,000 per year to commute into Manhattan.

New Jersey commuters using the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels will receive a $5 credit. GWB commuters will get nothing.

"Its hard to believe, but today New York and the MTA actually increased the Congestion Tax pricing that they announced just a few days ago," Gottheimer said in a statement, "The mismanaged MTA’s commuter-crushing Congestion Tax is worse than we originally thought."

Gov. Phil Murphy again vowed to fight the congestion tolling plan in court.

attachment-New York is officially sticking it to Jersey families with their commuter-crushing Congestion Tax. (1)

Breakdown of congestion pricing:

While all vehicles, including rideshares, will be tolled, the amounts will vary.

💲 Passenger vehicles: $15
💲 Small trucks: $24
💲 Large trucks: $36
💲 Motorcycles: $7.50
💲 Taxi Cabs: $1.50 surcharge per ride
💲 Rideshare: $2.50 per ride

The plan does state that drivers will only be charged one toll per day, meaning if you enter below 60th street and leave, you would not be charged another toll in the same 24-hour period.

attachment-New York is officially sticking it to Jersey families with their commuter-crushing Congestion Tax.

What comes next

A final vote is expected in April.

Four public hearings will be held early in 2024 and a 60-day response period is now in effect.

The MTA's goal is to begin charging drivers the higher tolls in the Spring of 2024, but a number of factors could delay that, including any legal action that is brought by New Jersey or other groups.

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