When you talk about convenience stores in the Garden State, you're usually talking about one of the big three.

Wawa, QuikChek, and 711.

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Granted there are smaller chains like Krauszer's but for the most part if you're looking for a quick in and out, the "big three" are usually the way to go.

If you had to pick between those three and choose which convenience store was New Jersey's favorite, who do you think would come out on top?

I'll be honest, 711's coffee isn't half bad and I usually find myself at the 711 in Toms River once or twice a week for some caffeine courage.

However, in a recent poll conducted by Monmouth University, New Jersey's favorite convenience chain was revealed.

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What Is New Jersey's Favorite Convenience Store?

According to Patch, the poll was conducted by Monmouth University and gave people the option of Wawa, Quickchek, and 711.

Over fifty percent of people polled chose Wawa, making it Jersey's favorite place to stop for coffee, a sub, a snack, or whatever else they may need.

Interestingly, the report revealed that at one point in time Wawa was an unheard-of name in places North of Raritan River, but now it's as common as seagulls are on the beach.

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711 Was A Close Second For NJ's Favorite Convenience Chain

Patch reports that in South Jersey, Wawa is the clear crowd favorite when polled, it had a domineering 79 percent of the population vote for it.

In North Jersey, however, it was a closer race.

711 beat Wawa 31 percent to 24 percent as people's favorite convenience store.

I'll be honest, I usually only go to Quickchek for gas but I've heard good things about their subs.

By the way, Wawa workers do judge you based off of what you order.

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