When you go out to eat in New Jersey, are you going out just for the food or are you also going out to enjoy the ambience?

Between you and I, if I go to a place that doesn't have some solid ambiance, I don't want to go.

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Places like Klee's in Seaside Heights, or Frankies in Point Pleasant are amazing because they are so cozy and welcoming and make you forget about the outside world for a few an hour or so.

And of course, if the restaurant you're going to has a water view then forget about it, there's no place better!

So when a major food publication releases its list of the most beautiful restaurants in America, and a restaurant from New Jersey makes the list, it's a big deal.

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It's a restaurant that's regularly called one of the best Chinese restaurants in the state, and now it can add "most beautiful" to its list as well.

Located in Denville, New Jersey Love Food claims that Hunan Taste is Jersey's most beautiful restaurant.

From its detailed dining area to its fun and unique grand entryway, when you visit Hunan Taste you're not just eating dinner, you're going to a real dining experience.

Their menu features tons of great grub like Peking Duck, Gold Coin Steak, and Hunan Lamb.

You can also get your more mainstream Chinese food like General Tso's Chicken, egg rolls, and fried rice.

Jersey isn't only famous for its food, by the way, we're the birthplace of a lot of famous actors and actresses too.

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