It's winter and is there anything better than a Campbell's cup of soup?

My Nana always said the best way to warm up is with a grilled cheese and Campbell's Tomato Soup. There are so many Campbell's favorites to choose from, how about the Creamy Chicken?

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What stands out with Campbell's is the red and white cans. And don't forget the condensed soups that taste superb with water added.

What does New Jersey and Campell's Condensed Soup Have in Common?

New Jersey has the world's headquarters of the Campbell Soup Company. Wow, who knew? Campbell's soup was invented in New Jersey.

Campbell's Soup is a New Jersey icon. Campbell's Soup is based in Camden where condensed soups were invented over 100 years ago.

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Campbell's Soup is the number one soup used to make casseroles and other delicious side dishes. My favorite side dish at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the green bean casserole and you can't make my favorite dish with out the Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Campbell's condensed soup.

Campbell's condensed soup was created to prolong the shelf life of canned soups. The chemist in New Jersey that created the condensed soup was John Thompson Dorrance and he would then become the President of Campbell's.

Several things were invented in the fabulous Garden State besides Campbell's condensed canned soups. Color TV, Drive-in theaters, the electric guitar, the golf tee, the ice cream cone, M & M's, Monopoly, Salt Water Taffy, and so much more. WOW, I had no idea. How cool?

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