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🏈 Nico Steriti of Toms River organized Elite 7 v 7 football tournament

🏈 The latest tournament for high school football players takes place in Jackson in June

🏈 This is a big time opportunity for athletes to showcase skills to D1 FBS coaches

We are in the 4th quarter in terms of preparation for the much anticipated Elite 7v7 Football Tournament showcase in Jackson Township on June 3 and June 4.

Nico Steriti of Toms River, who founded S3-Steriti Sports School, has also put together Elite 7v7 Football tournaments for up and coming middle and high school football players to put it all out there for colleges to see what they got.

Following an initial showcase tournament in Tinton Falls earlier this year, Steriti got to work right away on setting up another one.

(Photo: Bill Normile)
(Photo: Bill Normile)

This time it's in Jackson Township over at Jackson AYF Stadium on Manhattan Street this coming weekend.

These events are opportunities to play in top notch football showcases organized by a top tier talented football player who also played D1 and has contacts across the country and is seeking to grow it in New Jersey.

Steriti has vision and this is just the beginning of his long term plan to change football as we know it in New Jersey for high school talent all the way down to the youth levels in 5th grade.

For some insight on the upcoming Elite 7v7 Football Tournament in Jackson including everything you need to know about it from attending, ticket information, sponsorship opportunities and much more, Nico Steriti joined me on Shore Sports Talk on 94.3 The Point, sponsored by Shoreline Wealth Management, on Sunday morning.

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