Every year, New Jersey makes the headlines for an unfortunate reason.

Out of all 50 states, New Jersey usually has the highest rate of people moving out.

As we are the most densely populated state, this doesn't sound like the worst thing that could happen. However, I am New Jersey's biggest cheerleader and never want to leave.

I won't pretend that New Jersey doesn't have its hang-ups.

The biggest hang-up, of course, is the cost of living. New Jersey is extremely expensive, there is no undermining that fact.

Where do New Jersey residents move to?

It comes as no surprise the people who are fleeing New Jersey are headed south to the Sunshine State aka home to Florida Man aka the state of Florida. In 2022 alone, 47,000 former Garden Staters moved to Florida.

Comes in at second is Pennsylvania, which I can't wrap my head around why someone would move to PA.

Then, New York rounds out the top three, which is even more confusing because at least Pennsylvania is assumed to be cheaper. I know New York City skews the statistics for the cost of living in The Empire State, however, I can't imagine New York State is much different than New Jersey.

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Why is New Jersey a good state to live in?

However, New Jersey has so much to offer in such a small state. The geography alone in New Jersey is impressive.

After traveling across most of the country, I could never see myself living in any other state. Think I'm crazy? Let me convince you.

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