New Jersey Schools With The Worst Absentee Record

I'll be honest when I was in school I did NOT have a good attendance record. I wish I had a better attendance record because I do believe one of the worst things you can do to affect your grade is not being in class. Let's face it class doesn't stop while you are out and it's very easy to slip behind, and playing catch-up is not a good thing. Once students get behind they see their grades suffer it's that simple. Now luckily for me, I am a much better worker than I was a student lol, so that all worked out. Attendance is crucial for good grades.


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TOP 10 New Jersey Schools with the Worst Attendance


In a recent Patch article, Patch outlined the data of school districts with the worst absenteeism. This is the TOP 10 list; (Data from the New Jersey Department of Education)

  1. Plainfield Public School District, Hubbard Middle School, 90 percent
  2. Paterson Public School District, School 10, 89.5 percent
  3. Plainfield Public School District, Plainfield High School, 87.5 percent
  4. Rancocas Valley Regional High School District, Rancocas Valley Regional High School, 84.6 percent
  5. Trenton Public School District, Arthur J. Holland Middle School, 83.8 percent
  6. Plainfield Public School District, Pinnacle Academy High School, 83.3 percent
  7. Trenton Public School District, Arthur J. Holland Middle School, 82 percent
  8. Keansburg School District, Joseph R. Bolger Middle School, 81.3 percent
  9. Trenton Public School District, Joseph Stokes Elementary School, 81 percent
  10. Jersey City Public Schools, Alfred Zampella School, 80 percent


NJ Chronic Absenteeism Rates 2022-23 By School



According to the New Jersey Department of Education, "Compared to 37 other states that year, New Jersey reported the lowest rate of chronic absenteeism, according to the DOE. Yet, 214,698 New Jersey K-12 students were still chronically absent in 2022-23. That's up 34.76 percent from 140,068 students a decade prior."


How do you feel about absenteeism? Agree with me, that chronic absenteeism definitely leads to worse grades and an overall school experience. Post your comments below.





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