Lovefood recently did an article about great food inventions around America and what state they originated from. When I first saw this article I thought maybe New Jersey's food invention that would be featured would be pork roll or salt water taffy, but I was wrong.


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According to Lovefood, "The US has a rich and delicious history of culinary creation, with some of the world’s most-loved dishes being invented right here. That includes some of the world's most popular fast food, and some lesser-known (yet still delicious) items, too." Brooke Lark Brooke Lark


So Lovefood selected "Disco Fries" for our culinary invention here in the Garden State. We've all had "Disco Fries" which are french fries in gravy, simple and delicious, and always good for a late-night snack at your local diner after a fun night out. It's not a very complicated dish, but it is a very "Jersey" thing, and if you haven't had "Disco Fries" next time you see them on the menu get a side order and enjoy. @withlovefromchile @withlovefromchile


According to Lovefood, "The ultimate late-night comfort food, disco fries are New Jersey’s spin on Canadian poutine. To make this diner classic, a mountain of chunky steak-cut fries are smothered in melted mozzarella, and topped with rich brown gravy. Disco fries got their name in the 1970s, when they proved a popular late-night order among revelers on their way home from disco clubs. According to customers, the fries at Tops Diner in East Newark are the best in the state."

So do you love "Jersey Disco Fries"? Let us know your favorite spots and post your comments below.


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