Pizza is one of the most loved foods and of course, when it comes to great pizza you need to visit Jersey and enjoy some real "Jersey Pizza". Not to boast but we are home to the best pizza in America. So it's no wonder that the Pizza Guru Dave Portnoy visits the Garden State to review "the good stuff". So recently Portnoy brought the 'One Bite' series to a Morris County pizzeria for review.


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Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy recently visited "Coniglio's Old Fashioned" pizzeria in Morristown, New Jersey. Basically, the 'One Bite' review series is how it sounds. Portnoy takes "one bite" and reviews pizza from all over the nation. In that "one bite" Portnoy judges taste, presentation, crispiness, style, etc.



According to a recent Patch article, although the official 'One Bite' video has not aired, "the buzz on social media indicates that Coniglio's was well-rated at an 8.3 out of 10". Coniglio's Old Fashioned pizzeria is located at 11 South Street in Morristown. According to Patch Coniglio's Old Fashioned "opened late last year with tremendous enthusiasm from the community, with lines forming before the pizzeria opened its doors."


Do you think you could evaluate a pizza with just one bite? Better get those taste buds going quickly and I guess Portnoy has that going for him. What pizzeria would you recommend that Portnoy visit next? Is there one in your town that is too good to miss? Post your picks below we'd love to know what fantastic Jersey pizzerias that are out there need a visit from 'One Bite'.


Dave, anytime you wanna swing by our Toms River studios and talk pizza feel free as long as you bring a pie! lol, you have an open invitation.


Dave Portnoy


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