Most people that spend time along the Jersey coastline aren't ignorant to the fact that if they choose to go in the water, the marine life has domain rights.

Sure, you're aware of that fact when you're out fishing on the water, too, but usually you're only worried about what your catch will look like for the day. A father and daughter from Jackson Township in Ocean County might have had more to worry about this week if what they captured on video was able to snatch their catch from them.

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Outdoor enthusiast Michael Cavallo and his teenage daughter Kaylee were fishing off the coast of Point Pleasant when a Great White shark appeared out of nowhere and almost crashed right into the side of the charter boat. When you look at the video, you can clearly see that the shark was curious about whatever was on the line, but it quickly swam away upon encountering the fisherpeople.

By the looks of the shark in the video, it doesn't seem to be fully grown quite yet. The shark is definitely a Great White, though. Since it was only about 7.5-8.5 feet long, the shark is most likely a juvenile.

The shark was gone almost as quickly as it appeared on camera, so it's a good thing Mike had his Go-Pro handy and happened to have been filming. Life is all about timing, is it not?

What an experience! It's not often that you get to witness a Great White surface like that, maybe not ever! Both Michael and Kaylee said they know they'll always remember that moment.

Take a look at the video below:

Source: The Cavallo Family, Youtube

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