Fall is almost here. Now, I'm not in ANY rush for cold weather, but there are so many fun fall activities waiting to be experienced

Fall means pumpkins, cinnamon, and one of everyone's favorite seasonal activities: apple picking! 🍎🍎 You're in a great place for it, living in the Garden State!

Everybody loves picking pumpkins, no doubt about it. A good hayride to the pumpkin patch is a fall MUST-DO each and every year. There's something to be said, though, about getting in that last u-pick session before the weather turns cold. Apple picking is simply a fall MUST this year. Put it on your bucket list. Once you see those flannels and Ugg boots start making their yearly debuts, you know it's time.

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Luckily, this area really does have plenty of places beloved to the locals that give you a GREAT apple picking experience. We're really lucky, actually, because each farm or roadside stand has something a little different to offer. It's not uncommon to hear of folks in New Jersey, even in Pennsylvania or Delaware, heading out to more than a few farms over the course of the fall months.

Here in New Jersey, there are a few local spots that Garden State residents absolutely LOVE. There's something for everyone to enjoy at all the local farms in South Jersey.

We've gone ahead and taken the guesswork out of planning your South Jersey apple-picking excursion this fall. Just for you, we've compiled a list of some of everyone's favorite places to grab some of fall's favorite fruit. 🍎

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