I'll admit it. If there's anyone that exists on this planet that needs a new phone, it's definitely me.

I'm still out here walking around with my 5+ year old iPhone 8 Plus. This thing is basically a dinosaur at this point. Here's the thing, I paid so much for it that it's hard for me to part ways with it. It was the most expensive phone I'd ever purchased in my life.

What can I say? I definitely have gotten my money's worth, that's for sure.

A lot of people can say that their recent iPhone purchase was the most expensive gadget they've ever paid for. After all, you're paying over $700 for even the most basic model of the new iPhone 15. As a matter of fact, you're paying just shy of $800 for the regular iPhone 15. That's no frills and thrills.

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When you're paying that much for a piece of new technology, you're not expecting it to start malfunctioning mere weeks after it's purchased. Well, that's what some iPhone 15 users have reported after experiencing their new devices getting extremely hot. Up until now, users haven't understood why.

You know something's serious if Apple has to come out and make a statement. Guess what? They did. So, that means you KNOW that enough people have been having issues for them to address the media about it.

Apparently, the iPhone 15s are overheating in-part because of everyone's use of multiple third-party apps at once. For example, if you have Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat open all at the same time, that's contributing to the phone's issue. According to CNN.com, there's also an issue with the new iOS 17 that the company is trying to work out.

Rest assured, Apple has confirmed that your new phone won't blow up. Try to remember to close out your apps after you're done using them; that should help.

Source: CNN.com

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