Frequently voted one of the top roadside attraction in all of the United States is Lucy The Elephant in the shore town of Margate in South Jersey.

Located just two towns down from Atlantic City, Lucy has been a staple in the community of Margate City for years and years. Most people don't know how old Lucy really is. She was first build back in 1882. To this day, she entertains thousands of tourists each and every summer who come to see what the beloved giant elephant structure is all about.

While the Lucy standing today isn't really a topic of controversy, it's the elephant that inspired her look that didn't get to live a life any animal-lover today would approve of.

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A recent video posted to TikTok reveals the terrifying reality of Jumbo, the elephant that inspired the look of Margate's Lucy.

Before people saw the Statue of Liberty when initially entering America, there was once a time where they saw a statue of Jumbo the Elephant that originally sat in New York's own Coney Island. Jumbo was a pretty amazing elephant during the 1800s. Originally born in Africa, Jumbo called both Paris and London home before crossing the Ocean to America. It was then, that he would find his new home with P.T. Barnum and the Barnum and Bailey Circus in New York City!

Jumbo is largely responsible for the wildly insane success of P.T. Barnum's circus and making it a household name. Did you know that one of the circus stunts once included Jumbo walking across the Brooklyn Bridge? Unfortunately, Jumbo passed away in 1885 after getting hit by a train.

The history of Jumbo, the inspiration for Lucy The Elephant is pretty tragic from beginning to end. The circus wasn't always kind to animals back then, and Jumbo had quite an interesting start to life, not to mention a heck of a time after he should have been allowed to Rest In Peace. His remains were spread out between multiple institutions including the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Cornell University, and Tufts University. It is rumored that the remaining ashes of Jumbo are currently stored in a peanut butter jar.

While all of South Jersey LOVES Lucy, the elephant that inspired her has a pretty wild story.

WATCH: (NSFW, some strong language used)

Source: TikTok

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