This is going to be a tough one for Jersey residents. The publication USA Today has asked NJ people to do the impossible. It's all because it's that time of year: The USA Today Readers' Choice Awards.


Time to vote for your favorites! It's The USA Today Readers' Choice Awards!

USA Today's Readers' Choice Awards is an annual event where readers of USA Today and its affiliates are invited to vote for their favorite destinations, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more across various categories. The awards cover a wide range of topics such as travel, dining, entertainment, and lifestyle.

The voting process typically takes place online, allowing readers from all over the world to participate and support their favorite places or experiences. This democratic approach gives a voice to the general public, allowing them to showcase their preferences and recognize outstanding establishments or destinations.

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Winners of USA Today's Readers' Choice Awards often receive significant recognition and publicity, as the awards are widely respected within their respective industries. For travelers, these awards can serve as a valuable guide when planning trips, helping them discover top-rated destinations, hotels, restaurants, and activities based on the collective opinions of fellow travelers and enthusiasts.

While it's true that the result of one specific category will certainly boost tourism dollars here in the Garden State, it's like you're asking NJ residents to choose between their children.


USA Today Readers' Choice: Best Beach In NJ

They want you to choose which beach along the Jersey coastline is your favorite. Here's the problem: you go to a specific beach for a specific reason. I wouldn't go to Point Pleasant for the same thing I'd seek out in Cape May. Does that make sense? Just like you're not going to head to Manasquan when wanting to hit up a casino. You'd B-line it down the parkway to Atlantic City.

Still, a winner needs to be chosen, so we might as well cast our votes. If we don't, then the shoobies and bennies will decide NJ's fate. Vote for your favorite NJ beach HERE.

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