Everybody has their own personal happy place.

For a lot of us that reside here in the Garden State, that place is at the beach. For those of us lucky enough to live within a day-trip's travel distance, we're more fortunate than most to be able to enjoy the peace and serenity that is the beach for the majority of the year.

For people who only get to come during the summer, the memories they cultivate while enjoying their time at the Jersey Shore are some of the best that they treasure forever. There's a reason people return to Jersey's beaches generation after generation.

One of those beaches is, of course, Wildwood.

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So many people from the past, present, and for sure, the future will fall in love with the vibe that Wildwood has to offer. The Doo Wop scene, the boardwalk that goes on for miles, the beaches that are the widest in all of the Garden State... whatever the reason, people can't get enough of the Wildwoods.

One such video proves that exact point. A reel was recently shared to Instagram depicting exactly why people love spending their summers down in the Wildwoods, even way back in the 90s. People love the carefree feeling they get once their chairs are plopped into that sand. Also, the vibe of being able to fulfill all of your heart's desires keeps them coming back year after year.

For anyone who remembers the 90s well, you'll appreciate the summer style everyone's rocking, too. Keep an eye out for those hairstyles, also.

Get ready to relive Wildwood in the 90s below:

Source: Instagram

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