Do you physically go to the bank or do you prefer banking online?

Many people find it easier to take out their phone, click, click, click and they're done.

Is that you?

Mobile banking apps make banking very easy, that's for sure. In many situations, a trip to the bank is no longer necessary.

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With more and more people opting to bank online, FinanceBuzz reports there's less "foot traffic at physical locations" and because of that, several bank branches are closing.

TD Bank Announces Branch Closings Across the Country, Including in New Jersey

FinanceBuzz states:

While some TD Bank customers may find in-person banking less convenient due to these closures, the move reflects a broader industry shift toward digital banking.

With many daily transactions already handled online or via mobile apps, these closures could nudge customers to explore high-yield savings accounts offered by online-only banks, potentially earning them better interest rates.

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The TD Bank closing in New Jersey is located in Roseland at 103 Eisenhower Parkway.

This small New Jersey town has 2 TD Bank branches. One will close, but the good news is the other will remain open. Roseland has about 6,000 residents.

FinanceBuzz reports,

Because there is another branch just across the freeway, it’s not unexpected that TD Bank elected to pare down to just one location in Roseland.

Several TD Banks are closing in the U.S., including branches in Washington, D.C., Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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