How would you like to live in one of Ocean County's most beautiful and historically significant places? Would you do the basic tasks of a caretaker for a substantial discount on the rent?  If so, then I have a deal for you.

Historic Ocean County Tavern Needs a Caretaker

Cedar Bridge Tavern, the oldest tavern in New Jersey and quite possibly the site of the last skirmish of the  American Revolution in 1782, is looking for someone to live on the property and ensure it stays safe from fire or vandalism.

Why Do They Need a Caretaker for Cedar Bridge Tavern?

Historic Cedar Bridge Tavern is located on 5 acres and surrounded by Bass River State Forest. It is beautiful country, but, it is remote.

Joseph Pizorek with the Ocean County Parks System told the SandPaper that there needs to be a point person to make sure this national treasure stays safe.

“If there was a fire, vandalism or other things going on, that person would be able to call for help right away,” he said. “We haven’t hired anyone yet. The county approved a change in our policy where we can bring somebody in if we needed to.”

Where Would The Caretaker Live and What's the Rent Discount?

The caretaker will live in an 882-square-foot outbuilding behind the tavern that houses public restrooms in a second-floor apartment. The unit includes a living room, kitchenette, bedroom, and private bathroom.

The caretaker would receive a 40% discount on the rent for his services. It isn't clear how much that monthly rent is, but you would get 40% off.

Where is the Tavern?

Cedar Bridge Tavern is at Old 200 Halfway Road in Barnegat. The current building dates back to 1816, when it was a tavern for travelers making their way to the shore from Philadelphia.

The Ocean County Board of Commissioners purchased the Cedar Bridge Tavern in 2007, according to the website.

As part of the sale, the Commissioners granted Rudy Koenig, the owner-resident from 1959 a “life-estate” to live in the building for the remainder of his life. Mr. Koenig passed on Jan. 12, 2012.

For more information on the caretaker job, Michael Mangum, director of Ocean County Parks.

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