The terminal at Cape May Airport is about to undergo a major, more modern overhaul.

This is where I go, 'Cape May has an airport?' I'm sorry! I know that sounds obtuse, but I really didn't know it did!

Even though I may have just become aware of Cape May Airport, what I CAN tell you is that big changes are coming.

Next month begins a year-long project of constructing a new terminal, and the renderings I've seen look REALLY impressive. This is going to be a NICE looking building with lots of glass for sun exposure, a veranda, and more.

The new 5,400 square-foot building at the end of Hornet Road will consist of a public lobby, aviation customer support areas, offices, and a meeting space.

courtesy DRBA
courtesy DRBA

Many other upgrades on the list include demolition of two hangars, new vehicle and pedestrian access gates, exterior lighting, building signage, hardscaping, landscaping, and more.

According to the Delaware River and Bay Authority, the estimated total cost of the makeover is estimated at $7.4 million, with Cape May County providing approximately $250,000 in direct support of the terminal. Additionally, the county will reportedly contribute funds to enhancing the nearby roads and parking destinations.

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Cape May County Commissioner Will Morey said in a statement, “The DRBA and the County have established a strong working partnership that is transforming and modernizing the airport that will pay dividends for both Airport customers and Cape May County residents.”

The new terminal is expected to be ready by early 2024.

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