The Food and Drug Administration has an urgent warning for users of six brands of eye drops: Stop using them right away.

26 kinds of eye drops manufactured sold under half a dozen brand names are now part of a recall because they could result in eye infection, vision loss, and even blindness.

The eye drops are all reportedly produced by a facility that was discovered to have unsanitary and unsatisfactory conditions, according to Bacteria tests came back positive, according to

So, if you like your eyes just the way they are, ditch any eye drops you may be in possession of sold by the following brands:

  • CVS Health
  • Leader
  • Rugby
  • Rite Aid
  • Target Up & Up
  • Velocity Pharma

The six brands produce varieties of eye drops, including lubricating and irritation relief. All 26 products that fall under the FDA recall can be found at the link below.

Although there have been no reports of adverse effects from any users of the aforementioned products, should you experience a complication, visit FDA website's MedWatch or contact your doctor.

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