It may not be who you think it is.

Okay, it probably is. Lol.

Being 'obsessed' with the Real Housewives of Bravo reality TV might not mean enjoying or admiring them, it could just be that we find their lives so captivating that we have to keep up with them, for better or worse.


Bravo's Real Housewives have amassed a cult following. Season after season, fans tune in to see the drama and feuds that inevitably surface. I mean, can these women EVER take a vacation where someone isn't screaming in another's face or threatening to throw punches?

But which of the housewives appear most on our radars? Which women can we just not get enough of even when they're behaving badly?

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Leave it to the team at REVERSIBLE (a luxury fashion and shopping website) to do a deep dive to find the most popular Bravo real housewives in America. They reportedly made a list of every cast member from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, D.C., Dallas, Miami, New Jersey, New York City, Orange County, and Salt Lake City and analyzed Google Trends search data over a five-year period to determine the most popular housewife by state.

Think the Bravo housewife New Jersey is most obsessed with actually COMES from the Garden State?


You'd be right. It's Teresa Giudice.

"Mafia Mamma" New York Screening
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With all she's had going on over the years, Teresa Giudice has given us a lot to obsess over. She's a table-flipping, former felon, divorcee who still can't hold her tongue, and viewers, especially here in New Jersey can't get enough.


Oh, the table-flipping incident. She'll never live that down, lol.

As for the rest of the country, it appears from REVERSIBLE's research that the most popular Real Housewives come from the casts of Orange County and Beverly Hills.

courtesy via Go Fish Digital
courtesy via Go Fish Digital

I think my favorite might still be Heather Dubrow from O.C. How about you?

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