There's an energy drink ingredient the FDA has determined to be so dangerous they're urging residents in New Jersey and beyond to avoid it at all costs.

'Gas Station Heroin'

The Food & Drug Administration has reportedly seen an increase in dangerous and deadly reactions to energy drinks, tablets, and pills containing the ingredient tianeptine.

According to KARE, tianeptine is marketed as a mood booster, a remedy for anxiety and depression, and a dietary supplement and is easily accessible at many gas station convenience stores and vape/smoke shops across the U.S.

At the Gas Station

According to the National Library of Medicine, tianeptine can give a person the same sensation and fix as opioid drugs and can lead to abuse.

The Dangers of Tianeptine


Exposure to the so-called 'gas station heroin' could result in seizures, fainting, overdose, or even death, reports.

Beware Neptune's Fix and Pegasus


Tianeptine can reportedly be found in products labeled Neptune’s Fix Elixir, Neptune’s Fix Extra Strength Elixir, Neptune’s Fix Tablets, and Pegasus.

The FDA says tianeptine can also show up in products as the following:

  • Tianeptine sulfate
  • Tianeptine sodium powder
  • Tianaa
  • Tianna Green
  • Tianna Red
  • Tianna White

There is concern that because there is no regulation on this dangerous ingredient, that it can be purchased and consumed by someone of any age and that the dangers of the energy ingredient are not widely known.

If you are concerned that you or someone you love may have experienced adverse reaction to a product containing tianeptine, the FDA urges you reach out to your pharmacist or call 1-855-543-DRUG (3784).

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