What were you doing at 9 years old? You were probably trading Garbage Pale Kids in class and getting in trouble for it. A genius was a hard thing to come by back then and we see even fewer of them today.

Are you ready to feel like a total slacker? A 9-year-old boy in Pennsylvania is showing off in the best possible way.

Little David Balogun of Harrisburg decided that he wanted to be an astrophysicist when he grew up. Full disclosure, I had to look up what an astrophysicist actually was. In case you need to know too, it is a science that employs the principles of physics and chemistry in the study of astronomical phenomena. I’m still not sure what that is exactly, I think it means he wants to study stars and stuff.

In any event, this little smarty pants did something amazing a la Doogie Howser. He graduated high school at 9 years old!  He's also a member of Mensa.

He was awarded his high school diploma after completing his schooling in his spare time online. Not only that, he already started college. He is taking classes at Bucks County Community College to get a head start on his college journey. He was ready for Harvard but his family lives in PA and he wants to be with them so we'll see what online options become available to him!

David cleared up my confusion by explaining exactly what he would study by the way,

I want to be an astrophysicist and I want to study black holes and supernovas”

David comes from a pretty impressive gene pool. Both his parents have completed their higher level education with multiple degrees. His mom says that his brain is able to grasp things that are simply just out of her understanding.

David for President! You can read more about him from UPI here.

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