Looking for a cute sot to take your pet for a date? A dog cafe in North Jersey is the perfect spot to bring your pup for a day out on the town in Denville, New Jersey!

There’s a cafe that is made solely for your dog and it serves everything your pup will love. This cafe isn’t just another dog-friendly cafe for humans. It’s a dog cafe that offers Sunday brunch specials, pup-friendly mimosas, pancakes, omelets, and waffles.

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Name your favorite brunch menu item and they for sure have a dog version of it. The shop is called Mutts on Main and it was established back in 2015.

There are 3 different Mutts on Main locations that act as doggie bed and breakfasts, markets, cafes, training services, and spa services.

These locations are honestly the perfect ways to not only paper your pup but socialize them with other dogs in the process.

The Montville location acts as an overnight “dog hotel” and training facility, the Denville location serves as a spa, market, and cafe for dogs and the Warren location serves as an overnight “dog bed & breakfast” as well as a training facility.

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The Denville, NJ is the one that’s getting a lot of traction on social media lately and it’s very understandable why dog parents are flocking to this location with their pups.

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