Cue "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. If you know, you know.

A piece of iconic television history is up for sale!

HBO's 'The Sopranos', one of the best (arguably the best) television shows of all time, gripped millions of viewers for 6 unforgettable seasons full of mobsters, murder, love and family.

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And then on June 10, 2007, the show came to a stunning finale when its formidable, yet lovable protagonist Tony Soprano and his family sat down in a booth at Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Fans Pay Homage To James Gandolfini At Restaurant Where Soprano's Finale Filmed
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Tony orders onion rings for the table, Meadow parks her car, and well... you know what happens next.

The iconic season finale has gone down in history ever since, and so has the booth at Holsten's. It served as a pilgrimage destination for lovers of the show, with a sign that says “This booth is reserved for the Soprano family.”

Holsten's is selling the iconic 'Sopranos' booth

Holsten's made the bittersweet announcement that the restaurant will soon be undergoing much-needed upgrades, and as a result, the iconic Sopranos booth will have to be removed since it is not longer structurally sound, along with the other booths.

On Wednesday night, they placed the booth up for sale on Ebay. As of the same night, the bid was over $3000.

*UPDATE: As of 2 pm on March 1, 2024, the bidding is over $67,000!*

Whoever has the highest bid by Monday, March 3 will own a piece of television history. Check out the listing HERE.

Credit: Ebay/Holsten's Ice Cream
Credit: Ebay/Holsten's Ice Cream

This timing of this sale is coincidentally noteworthy since the HBO just celebrated the show's 25th anniversary!

I have to say, this one hurts. The Sopranos is my favorite show of all time, hands down. If I had a fat enough bank account I might be tempted to put a bid in myself!

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