Jacquie Lee may have saved the best for last as she seemed to have delivered her best performances at the most critical time of the competition on The Voice.

Last night's performances could have been the best of the competition for the 16 year old from Colts Neck. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Jacquie during her journey on The Voice that she seems to get better as the pressure builds and the stakes get higher.

What struck me most about last night's performances was Jacquie's song with Christina Aguilera. Christina is widely considered one of the best voices in the industry, and Jacquie had absolute no problem matching her note for note during "We Remain", a feat that a majority of current pop stars could never achieve. I actually think Jacquie flat out sang it better than Christina.

So now is the most critical time for Jacquie, since there are just hours left to vote (voting closes at 11:00am). To vote, just visit The Voice website, or download her song on iTunes, or you can call 1-855-864-2303 to cast your vote for Jacquie Lee.