Do you remember back in April when I told you that you could be fined up to $500 for letting balloons into the atmosphere?

I know it seems extreme but one of Jenkinson's Aquarium's most recent Facebook Posts is the perfect explanation for why this rule had to be passed.

A cluster of balloons were discovered and removed from Island Beach State Park and Jenks Aquarium just wanted to remind everyone just how dangerous this is.

Yes, balloons add a lovely effect to birthdays, showers, and other celebrations but there is one question that cancels out all of the positives: What happens to the balloons when they land?

Balloons may at first appear to be rising upward but what goes up must come down. It is pure physics.

So once you let go, you are basically saying that you are totally okay with it landing just about anywhere.

When a balloon does land into a stream, lake or beach, it will take years for it to disintegrate. Even the biodegradable or "eco-friendly" options take a long time before they are no longer considered a threat to our wildlife or the environment.

Jenkinson's Aquarium writes that having balloons land in our natural scenes is,  "basically the same as intentionally throwing trash on the ground or into the ocean."

Plus, don't forget that our marine life and other animals can get tangled in these balloon clusters and even eat it mistaking it for prey.

So you have heard that releasing clusters of balloons into the atmosphere is dangerous and now you have proof directly in front of your face.

There are other ways to celebrate and there are other ways to show your appreciation for others.

Take a look at Jenkinson's Aquarium's Facebook Post HERE.

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