Six Flags Great Adventure has been keeping us updated on their upcoming new roller coaster:

The Jersey Devil Coaster


The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused the construction of this coaster to be delayed various times but FINALLY...we are seeing some major progress!

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Here is what we know:

This roller coaster's top point is 130 feet in the sky. (That equates to being 13 stories high)

It is the world's longest, tallest and fastest single-rail coaster.

The final piece of the track was put into place on Monday, January 25th!

Now don't let this fool you....there is still a lot left to do before this roller coaster can open up for the public.

But here are some of the key features of the Jersey Devil Coaster:

·         Four sleek trains of 12 passengers each sitting low and inline style (one rider per row) with their legs straddling either side of the monorail track;

·         3,000 feet of soaring, single-rail, I-beam track;

·         Tension-building ascent up a towering, 130-foot lift hill;

·         Flying at speeds up to 58 mph;

·         Intense elements including a steep 87-degree first drop and overbank cutback; and

·         Three dramatic inversions including a 180-degree stall, raven dive, and zero-gravity roll.

And we can do you one better....we have some exclusive photos of what the Jersey Devil Coaster looks like thus far!

Let's take a look:

Photos Of The Jersey Devil Coaster So Far (1/2021)

For information regarding their newest, upcoming roller coaster, head to

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