Jersey Generosity is a series focusing on local businesses, organizations and people who have com up with unique, creative ways to help area charities raise funds. Today's focus - the Heart of Gold Party.

The Heart of Gold Party is a fabulous way Earth Treasures Jewelers in Eatontown has come up with to continue their decades long commitment to local charities, and it has been an amazing success.

Here's how it works. Local charities just reach out to Earth Treasures Jewelers, set up a Heart of Gold party, and then tell as many people as possible to bring their unwanted gold, jewelry, coins, costume jewelry and much more.

The great folks from Earth Treasures will show up,  pay top dollar for the unwanted items, and then give a percentage of the total they buy to the charity. And since the money you get for the items is the same top dollar you'd get at the shop, the donation comes from Earth Treasures and goes directly to the charity.

We spoke with John Baghsarian from Earth Treasures Jewelers, and you can see him explain the Heart of Gold Party in detail in the video below, and you can get all the details on how to book a party and the extensive list of items they buy at the Earth Treasures Jewelers website.

If you know of a great ongoing fundraising idea, please give us all the info below.




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