I woke up today to see Jersey Mikes trending on social media and my first thought was: "Oh no, did the pandemic get them too?"

But the actual reason behind it was a bit more shocking.

Well....this tone deaf post is a hoax....thank god!

The announcement even had the Jersey Mike's logo attached so it is understandable why everyone thought it was real.

The creator of the hoax did admit that this announcement was false but there is no undoing a viral post because by that point, the information is everywhere whether it's true or not.

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In less than 24 hours, the post had generated more than 100,000 likes and was shared a countless number of times.

Jersey Mikes representatives declined to comment on this story just yet. But I hope they do soon because silence in this type of situation does no one any good.

Why someone thought this post would be a good idea or funny is just beyond me....especially with everything going on in our country right now.

But THANK GOD it's fake. Like seriously....T H A N K G O D.

Take a look at the original post at APP.com.

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