There is nothing like enjoying a breakfast sandwich on a quality New Jersey bagel in the morning during the weekend.

You can take your time and enjoy the savory goodness.

Now there are two sandwiches that I have always considered to be the favorites for New Jersey:

Bacon, Egg and Cheese (Salt, Pepper, Ketchup) 

Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese (Salt, Pepper, Ketchup) 

But now....apparently there is a NEW favorite and the ingredients will shock you...

It is called the "Poppa" and it is sold at a Big Mike's Little Red Store in Atlantic Highlands. It has charred bologna, a two-egg omelette, sharp cheddar cheese, a potato latke and homemade Red Store ketchup which has orange and coriander.

I guess if you think about it, fried bologna could somewhat represent the pork roll, the latke could represent the hash browns and....

WHAT AM I SAYING?! Bologna and Latkes!?

I do love both of these foods but there is a time and a place.

I forever and for always will be a bacon and/or pork roll girl. I will have to try the sandwich to ever declare otherwise.

Now pass me a proper breakfast sandwich.

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