There were plenty of times as kids dug in the sand at Jersey Shore beaches, and as adults, we help our kids do the digging. While we're never sure what's in that sand, have you ever considered the possibility that you're inches from buried treasure?

If you believe some of the stories that are out there, it's a distinct possibility that some pretty famous buried treasure may be hidden right here at the Jersey Shore. And we wondered what those early morning beach goers were doing with those metal detectors. Now we know. Maybe they know more than they're leading on.

Captain Kidd's treasure? Only In Your State talks of the possibility that the treasure of none other than Captain Kidd could very well be all around us. You see, before he turned to a life of crime, his wife was a wealthy Monmouth County woman.

It is believed that Captain Kidd did make several stops at area ports while doing the things a pirate does. Some of the areas that could possibly be where parts of his treasure lie could include just off Cliffwood Beach, and the mouth of the Toms River.

In a Weird NJ article, it is said that Captain Kidd anchored in the Raritan Bay off Monmouth County sometime around the late 1600's, and the story says that one of the possible places for Captain Kidd's buried treasure is just a little north of Sandy Hook near Whales Creek.

There are also stories that some of Captain Kidd's buried treasure could be found near Oyster Creek. I'm going to leave that one to someone else to find.

So, is Captain Kidd's treasure all around us here at the Jersey Shore? Who knows? But I, for one, am going to look a little closer at those items that bang against my feet as those Jersey Shore wakes roll in around me this summer. hey, you never know.
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