Dunkin lovers....brace yourselves because their menu is about to change.

While the affects at the Jersey Shore won't hit for another two months, it may be time to find a new location for some of your daily favorites so you don't experience withdrawal symptoms when the time does come.

In an effort to make service faster and more efficient for the consumers and their workers, Dunkin will roll out a new menu cutting approximately 10% of its items.

Say goodbye to their smoothies, afternoon sandwiches including their turkey, cheddar, and bacon, ham and cheddar, tuna and chicken salad, and other more complicated and afternoon-suited menu items.

"Franchisees have been asking for something like this for quite some time," said Chris Fuqua, Dunkin’s senior vice president of operations strategy and supply chain, according to Thrillist.com. "They’re facing challenges with labor, and we’re always looking to maximize profitability for franchisees."

In addition, Dunkin has announced that they have removed all artificial dyes from their donuts and the rest of the menu will follow suit.

Gonna miss the old Dunkin Donuts? Then you're time to splurge is now!

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