Well, it’s time to stick up for Monmouth and Ocean County restaurants.

We have some of the best and most beautiful in the country, and yet they don’t ever get the credit they deserve from national publications.

Just recently, one of those publications made a list of the most famous restaurants in each state.

No disrespect to Tops Diner and congratulations on your honor, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to give some famous Monmouth and Ocean County eateries their just due.

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So many times when we a list of the best restaurants, North Jersey restaurants take many of the top spots.

Sure, North Jersey has a great food scene, but the Jersey Shore also has an amazing food scene.

So here are 7 great area restaurants we think should absolutely be considered the most famous in New Jersey...

7 Jersey Shore Restaurants That Could Be New Jersey's Most Famous

There is no doubt that if your favorite restaurant is not on the list, then you are probably shouting it out at me right now, and that’s just fine.

It’s not easy to narrow it down to just a handful.

So please help vent your frustration by listing your choice for the most famous Monmouth or Ocean County restaurant in the comment section on Facebook.

We want to give it the love you think it deserves!

And to all those national publications who always seem to skip right over the Jersey Shore and head straight to North Jersey, we invite you to do a little Monmouth and Ocean County research.

We think you’ll have a whole new outlook from what you do now.

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