I absolutely LOVE Halloween and despise people who wear costumes that they clearly did not put a lot of effort into.

And what better way to represent the Garden State then put together a Halloween costume that represents!

So here are some New Jersey & Jersey Shore themed Halloween costumes that I am sure will win you contests and catch the eye of many.

Central Jersey

You can totally poke fun at a New Jersey stereotype. A lot of people say that, "No, Central Jersey does NOT exist." Time to prove them wrong. Or at least try.

Angry Driver

Careful how "colorful" you make this one but I do feel like everyone on the GSP gets angrier and angrier every year. You might have to get creative but no one knows about road rage quite like New Jersey.

Gas Attendant

We will never want to be a pump-your-own state. It is just not happening. Keep gas station attendants alive!

Garden State Parkway

"What exit do you live at?" is probably the epitome of living in New Jersey. You could get very creative on exactly how you put this costume together but there is some real potential here.

Pork Roll

No matter what you call it, there is nothing better than enjoying a pork roll, egg and cheese with salt, pepper and ketchup on a lovely weekend morning. Ahhh....such a magical breakfast dish.


Whether you hate to love them or you love to hate them, Benny's are a HUGE part of the Jersey Shore's culture. They do bring us business so we should represent them but I personally give you permission to portray them as obnoxious as possible.

Rook Cup Of Coffee

I don't think you could find *takes sip of Rook Coffee* a more Jersey Shore costume *takes sip of Rook Coffee* if you tried.


You only need a few specific pieces of clothing, a whistle, and maybe some sunscreen on the nose for a decent lifeguard costume. Plus, they keep us safe all Summer long so why not show them some love?

White Claw

No matter where you went this Summer, White Claws was EVERYWHERE at the Jersey Shore this Summer. You could even turn this one into a group costume by representing all of the flavors!

Did I forget any major ideas? Don't hesitate to Comment Below so everything can be decked out in Jersey Shore attire!

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