What can fix just about anything? Chocolate.

What is even better than chocolate? Hot Chocolate Bombs!

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This new chocolatey concoction has become all the rage in 2020 and at this rate, this trend will only grow in 2021.

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So we did some digging so you -- and okay, us too -- will know where to go to get the best Hot Chocolate Bombs at the Jersey Shore.

But real quick: If your business or someone you know sells hot cocoa bombs at the Jersey Shore and they are not included in this list, email Nicole at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com so she can add their information!

Okay...no time for the good stuff:

Where To Get Hot Cocoa Bombs At The Jersey Shore In 2021

Dude....we could totally turn this into a hot cocoa bomb contest.

But that would mean that we would have to try every single hot cocoa bomb at the Jersey Shore.....yes please!

Give these a try and see if you are digging the trend. I have only heard good things.

Thank you to APP.com for helping us out with this guide!

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