Your first reaction when you heard about the Seaside fire might have been disbelief, and that would be an understandable reaction. How much more can the Jersey Shore take?

For so many, disbelief quickly turned to heartbreak and even anger. It was insult added to injury that so many have been working so hard to rebuild, and more of our Jersey Shore landmarks were being taken away right before our eyes.

Governor Christie called it an unthinkable situation. It was hard to hold back tears as an already weary Jersey Shore watched yet more devastation to the place we love. The faces on the onlookers was hard to look at. And that's coming from people who are, unfortunately, getting used to looking at things that are difficult to see.

One of my first thoughts after hearing the news was that our world famous 'Jersey Strong' was really being tested once again. I wondered how much more Jersey spirit we had left in that Jersey Strong tank.

Then I had to remind myself who we are. We are the Jersey Shore. Yea, we've been forced to shed tears and endure more than our share of pain and heartbreak in the past year or so, but while it may knock us down, but it won't knock us out.

I know the Jersey Shore. We'll rise to this occasion like we rise to all occasions. But that doesn't mean it's not a gut wrenching task. We're going to have to do this together. We've done it before and we can do it again. And we will.