You know, we get enough of a bad rap from other parts of the Country for no good reason. We don't need anyone's help.

Does the name Christopher Angulo ring a bell? He's the guy that was arrested for climbing the remnants of the Star Jet rollercoaster in Seaside Heights after Superstorm Sandy to hang an American flag.

At the time he was 38 and living with his mother in Lavallette.

A little over 6 years, Angulo is making headlines again. But not in New Jersey, this time it's in Maine.

First reported on January 16 in Westbrook, Maine, a giant "ice disk" formed in the Presumpscot River. This thing is huge. It's about 300 feet in size and some believe that that this is the largest on record. The currents in the river make the disk actually spin! Needless to say, it's been a destination.

Here was Angulo's explanation.

To say residents and fans are unhappy is an understatement. My colleague at our sister station Q 97.9 in Portland, ME is furious.

Allow me to apologize for this dope. Don't let him give the Jersey Shore a bad name. I hope Ice Disk gets back to spinning very soon.

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