What an honor for Don Walsh of Spring Lake Heights.

Don Walsh, who we have had on our morning show several times, has done so much to promote water safety and drowning prevention.  Don has published a book for children called Teach the Beach about how to safely swim in the ocean, including great advice on rip currents.

Don has also been coaching and mentoring Navy SEALs for many years.

A long-time resident of Monmouth County, Don spent many years as a lifeguard and has set records for most consecutive days swimming in the ocean! In fact, Don's ocean swim streak is now 191 months in a row and counting. Unbelievable!

Don once made a 41.5 mile swim around the Isle of Jersey, which he did as a fundraiser. He was able to collect $10,000 to buy educational supplies for children who lost their fathers in Afghanistan.

(Don and his wife Millie)
(Don and his wife Millie in Asbury Park with us)

Now Don has been selected as the 2017 National Drowning Prevention Alliance Community Lifesaver Award Recipient. Listen for Don to be featured on our morning show again this summer live from Asbury Park one Friday morning with tips and advice on keeping your kids safe at the beach!

Congratulations, Don, and thanks for all that you have done to keep our kids safe when swimming!

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