I really couldn't tell you why...but the list of towns in New Jersey opposing the recreational use, sale, and the overall legalization of marijuana continues to grow.

And this is all before the actual legal bill has been passed.

However, according to NJ.com, the hope is that lawmakers, "plan to have a recreational marijuana bill, and a medical marijuana expansion, ready for introduction by the end of August."

So basically, it is possible that despite all of its opposition, the legalization is going to happen anyway.

Take a look at the towns at the Jersey Shore that are completely against recreational and medical marijuana expansion to keep yourself out of trouble

Monmouth County


Population: 20,108

Date Passed: Feb. 20th


Population: 5,763

Date Passed: April 19th

Point Pleasant Beach 

Population: 4,594

Date Passed Dec. 19th, 2017

Upper Freehold 

Population: 6,975

Date Passed: March 1st


Population: 26,000

Date Passed: Feb. 28th

West Long Branch

Population: 7,972

Date Passed: June 6th

Ocean County


Population: 22,783

Date Passed: July 3rd


Population: 41,554

Date Passed: Jan. 22nd

Surf City 

Population: 1,178

Date Passed: March 14th

Head to NJ.com to check out the original article as well as to view the full list of towns banning marijuana sales or use in New Jersey.

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