The chaos revolving around New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commissions continues amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Motor Vehicle Commission in Rahway is the most recent center to close after an employee tested positive for COVID-19 which means that a total of 8 MVC agencies are currently closed in the Garden State.

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This includes two Motor Vehicle Commissions at the Jersey Shore.

They are:

The Manahawkin Vehicle Center is closed and will not be reopening until at least January 12th.

The Toms River Vehicle Center is closed and will not be reopening until at least January 12th.

Knowing the state of the world, ALWAYS check to see if the closest Motor Vehicle Commission is open before going.

Here are the other New Jersey MVCs that are currently closed:

  • Edison Licensing Center - reopens, Jan 12.
  • South Plainfield Licensing Center - reopens, Jan 15.
  • Somerville Vehicle Center - reopens Jan 15.
  • Delanco Licensing Center - reopens Jan 15.
  • Springfield Vehicle Center - reopens, Jan 19.
  • Rahway Licensing Center - reopens Jan 19.

Currently, there are no available MVC appointments for next month. The only way to get in is to keep an eye on the MVC official website to see if an appointment time slot opens up due to a last minute cancellation.

However, more appoint times are being added for new titles/registrations and registration renewals.

And yes, Governor Phil Murphy is aware of this issue.

According to, when he was asked, "if the Motor Vehicle Commission would be extending the expiration date of those documents, he said that is, 'something that remains on the table.'"

Also keep in mind that you may not have to physically go into a MVC to get what you need done. Take a look at this cheat sheet that will tell you if you need to go to an MVC in person.

I know this is just another aspect of our lives that has been flipped upside down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic but the hope is that we have spotted the light at the end of the tunnel.

It will turn around.

Take a look at the most recent MVC update at

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