The Jersey Shore Paint Party located in Brick are actually what they sound like: you paint and you party! However, they also offer the option for people to host painting sessions where a portion of the proceeds get donated to whichever charity the host chooses. To book your party, call (732) 804-5015.

There are two options when choosing how to go about ticket sales:

1. Tickets are sold for $40 per person. The event is promoted by The Jersey Shore Paint party on their social media outlets and website and will process credit card payments. $10 from each ticket will be donated towards the cause of the hosts' choosing.

2. Those hosting the painting party can sell their tickets for $40 a person but keep $15 per ticket to go towards their cause. The Jersey Shore Painting Party will not do any social media posting to promote the event or handle any of the payment processing. The amount due will solely be provided on the day of the event.

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser:

1. Plan your event six to eight weeks in advance
2. Utilize social media platforms to promote
3. Ask everyone you know to share the event
4. Offer a tricky tray or some type of prizing
5. Require pre-payment ticket sales

For more information or to book your Fundraising Painting Party, click here.

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