We stumbled across this really cool website that has logged every single question and answer from Jeopardy! Some Jersey Shore trivia has been thrown into the mix over the years.

See if you can "buzz in" on these actual questions from the show. The answers are below. No cheating! Oh, and in the form of a question, please.

1) In 1881 this president was taken to Long Branch to recuperate, but he never recuperated again.

2) Greetings from this town named after the founder of Methodism in the United States.

3) Many of the Jersey Shore's early inhabitants were these Indians named for a state to the south.

4) The big news on the Jersey Shore in July 1916 was 4 fatal attacks by these, species unknown.

5) A New Jersey motorcycle rally is rhymingly called this "to the Shore.

6) The two teams from this reality show run motels at the Jersey Shore.

7) Dropped 456 feet on the Kingda Ka, one of these, at Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.

8) When Springsteen sings "My Hometown", it's this New Jersey town where he was raised.

9) The Molly Pitcher Inn is a delightful waterfront hotel in this New Jersey town.

10) A sandbar with a curve at the tip; in New Jersey, you'll find a "sandy" one.




1) Garfield

2) Asbury Park

3) Delaware

4) Shark

5) Roar

6) The Apprentice

7) Roller coaster

8) Freehold

9) Red Bank

10) Sandy Hook


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