Can you believe it: Memorial Day Weekend starts in less than 24 hours.

However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the rules regarding each beach town's beaches and boardwalks are different.

We wanted to put together a new, updated list so you know what is open, what is not, and the rules that are being put into affect in each town.

Take a look and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Monmouth County


Beach & Boardwalk: OPEN

Residents were sent a letter on March 26th that read, “We believe our residents are smart enough to use these areas as means of getting some fresh air without violating the rules relative to maintaining safe distance from one another."

A meeting is actually scheduled for this evening at 7:30 PM to discuss the guidelines for the 2020 Season at Allenhurst Beach Club as well.

Asbury Park

Boardwalk: CLOSED

Beach: OPEN

The beaches will remain open but beach badge sales will be limited to avoid overcrowding.

Groups must sit at least six feet apart and the public will be monitored.

Face masks are recommended when walking the boardwalk, using the bathrooms and entering/exiting the beach.

Asbury Park Convention Hall will remain closed until further notice and benches have been removed to eliminate congregation.


Boardwalk: OPEN

Beach: OPEN

Starting May 23rd, the beach will be opened for swimming but on weekends only. Starting June 15th,the beaches will be open daily. Beaches badges are required.

Walking and running is permitted on the boardwalks. Bicycle riding is permitted but only before 9 AM.

Both the beach and boardwalk will close at 8:00 PM daily.


Beach & Boardwalk: OPEN

Law enforcement will be watching the beaches and boardwalk to make sure everyone is practicing social distancing.

According to, beach badges are required but, "the sale will temporarily end at 5:00 PM this Friday, in response to the crowds of people purchasing them in recent days." 

Beach badge sales will resume on Tuesday at the Taylor Pavilion.

Dogs, bikes, roller blades and skateboards are banned from the boardwalk.

Bradley Beach

Beach & Boardwalk: OPEN

Starting on Saturday, the beach will be open for daily badge holders. Starting Tuesday, the beach will be open daily with lifeguards. Swimming will be permitted.

Showers and restrooms will be open and will be cleaned on a regular basis. Bicycles are not allowed on the boardwalk from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Picnic areas, water fountains, boardwalk benches playgrounds and pavilions will be closed.


Beach: OPEN

Groups larger than 10 are not allowed to enter the beaches. Police will be monitoring that beach-goers practice social distancing.

The deck, pool and casino of Deal Casino Beach Club will be closed but only members and their guests will be allowed on the beaches.

Face coverings must be worn at beach entry points and when going to the bathroom or snack bar.

Restrooms will be open but with limited capacity restrictions.

Long Branch

Boardwalk/Promenade/Bike Paths: CLOSED

Beach: OPEN

Beach-goers are being asked to wear face masks when entering and exiting the beach. Beach badges are required.

Groups larger than 10 people will not be allowed to enter onto the beaches.

If beaches become too crowded at a certain spot, that beach entrance will be temporarily closed and beach-goers will be asked to enter using an alternative beach access point.

Bathrooms will be closed but portable johns and showers will be open.


Beach Walk: Partially OPEN

Beach: OPEN

Parking Lots: OPEN for seasonal parking passes ONLY. 

On Friday, May 22nd at 9 AM, the beach will be open to Season Pass holders only. 

Residents can access the beaches using the ramps on Potters, Sea Watch, Ocean, Riddle, Main, Brielle, Pompano, Whiting and Inlet.

Restrooms at Ocean, Brielle and main will be open and cleaned regularly.

The beach walk will be closed north-to-south and limited use for the east-to-west crossings to access the beach.

Crowds on the beach will be closely monitored to ensure there is no overcrowding. Residents are encouraged to wear face masks.

Phase 2 of their reopening will kick off in June. Click HERE for more info.

Monmouth Beach

Parks/Beaches: OPEN

Social distancing rules must be followed.

A daily limit of 175 daily beach passes is set to limit overcrowding.

Ocean Grove

Beach & Boardwalk: OPEN

According to an article on, Ocean Grove will reduce the amount of beach badges sold each day to avoid overcrowding and once that limit is reached, the beach will be closed to additional visitors. Beach badges are required starting this Saturday.

All beach staff must wear face masks and lifeguards will each get their own stand.

Boardwalk benches are taped off and only single-use bathrooms will be open.

Sandy Hook


Parts of the Gateway National Recreation Area -- including Sandy Hook -- will be opening with some limitations but is the limited capacity is 50%.

Swimming will be "at one's own risk" because lifeguards will not be on duty.

All trails and shorelines for GNRA will be open from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Beach parking costs $15 per day from MDW to Labor Day. Parking lot A North Beach and K Lot are closed.

Sea Bright

Beach: OPEN

Seawall Walkway: CLOSED (open for east-west crossings to get onto beaches)

Beach badges are required and starting 9 AM this Saturday, the beaches will be staffed and open for business.

The municipal parking lot will be open.

Overall capacity will be monitored and limited when overcrowding starts to take place.

Public restrooms will be open but a maximum of three people are allowed inside at the same time. The showers and foot stations will be closed.

Sea Girt

Beaches: OPEN at certain locations

Boardwalk: CLOSED

The beaches will be open but a limited number of daily beach badges will be sold. No seasonal beach badges will be sold during the holiday weekend.

All bathrooms except those on the beachfront at the pavilion will be closed.

Social distancing measures must be practices and will be strictly enforced.

Spring Lake

Boardwalk: CLOSED

Beach: OPEN

Starting May 23rd, all beaches will be open every weekend. Starting June 15th, the beaches will be open and staffed everyday.

Beaches badges are required but must be purchased in advance. No badges will be sold at the beachfront.

Beach-goers must remain at least 6 feet from others and at least 12 feet away from other peoples' towel/beach chair set ups.

Face masks must be worn when entering/exiting the beach, when going to the bathroom, snack bar and pavilion locker areas.

The boardwalk will be closed, except to access the beach.

Food is temporarily allowed on the beach since the boardwalk is closed.

Ocean County

Bay Head

Beach: OPENING on June 20th

Boardwalk: CLOSED

Starting June 20th, beach badges will be required and social distancing rules must be followed by beach-goers.

Beach Haven

Beach: OPEN

Beaches are open but all beach-goers must adhere to social distancing rules by remaining at least 6 feet apart at all times.

Public bathrooms are open and beach badges will be required starting mid-June.


Beaches: OPEN

Reservoir: CLOSED

Brick Beach I and Windward Beach Park will be open for swimming starting Friday, May 22nd. Starting June 15th, all beaches will be open daily.

There will be a  limit to the number of daily beach badges sold to help control overcrowding.

Harvey Cedars

Beaches: OPEN

Beaches are open but no beach buggies are allowed.

Starting June 27th, beach badges will be required for anyone who is at least 12 years old.

Island Beach State Park

This park is OPEN from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM but fishing hours are 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Restrooms at Swimming Area I will be open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. All others will be closed.

Lifeguards will not be on duty until mid-June so therefore, swimming for the time being is not permitted.

Park capacity is limited to 50%.


Boardwalk: OPEN with limitations. 

Beach: OPEN

The beach is open for exercising, fishing, sunbathing and surfing ONLY if social distancing is practiced.

Lifeguards go on duty starting June 20th and therefore, beach badges will be required. Beach capacity will be limited if overcrowding/unsafe conditions occur.

The boardwalk will be reopening this Friday for walking and exercise only. NO Bicycles.

Long Beach Township

Beach: OPEN with restrictions

Beach badges will be required from mid-June to Labor Day on all the beaches and bays. Social distancing is required.

Point Pleasant Beach

Beach: OPENING on May 15th 

The beach on Maryland Avenue will be open and beach badges will be required for Memorial Day Weekend.

Starting June 20th, beach badges will be required at all times. Swimming is only allowed when badge checkers and lifeguards are present.

Groups of 10 people or more are not permitted to enter and a capacity limit is being set by officials. Once the limit is reached, no other visitors will be allowed to enter.

Seaside Heights

Boardwalk & Beaches: OPEN

From May 23rd to June 30th, a seasonal beach badge or senior beach badge will be required.

Access to the beach and boardwalk will be available at Blaine, Franklin, Dupont, Hiering, Carteret and Hancock avenues.

Groups of 10 or more, swimming, coolers and dogs are prohibited.

Public restrooms will be open but with a limited capacity. Shower pedestals and water fountains will be closed.

The beach will close at 5:00 Pm and the boardwalk will close at 11:00 PM.

Seaside Park

Beaches: OPEN

Boardwalk: CLOSED 

Beach badges will be required starting this Saturday. Boat ramp passes for the 14th Avenue boat ramp will be needed on weekends through June 30th. By then, the beach will be open daily.

Gatherings of 10 or more are prohibited. Beach sales will be watched closely to see if a limit is necessary.

Ship Bottom

Beaches: OPEN with limitations

Beach badges will be required starting mid-June and this rule will be in effect until Labor Day at all bay and ocean beaches.

Surf City

Beaches: OPEN

Officials have stated that this beach will remain open if residents can practice social distancing.

Beach badges will be required starting mid-June.

Toms River

Beaches & Boardwalk: OPEN

Ortley Beach will be staffed with lifeguards this weekend and every subsequent weekend until June 20th. Then beaches will be staffed daily.

Signs are posted on the boardwalk to encourage those to social distance and wear face masks, although wearing a face covering is not required.

Badges will become a requirement starting June 20th.

The original article for the MDW rules on our beaches and boardwalks is at

Other sources used to put this guide together are: Source 1, Source 2 and Source 3

Stay safe and healthy.

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