We are all doing the best we can as we navigate the ups and downs of the ongoing pandemic.

Sadly, the unpredictable nature of COVID leaves some restaurant owners wondering whether they'll be able to keep the kitchen going.

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There are so many different dynamics to factor in.

First, some at the Shore aren't ready to return to a restaurant yet. And that's ok.

Secondly, and this is the biggest problem, it's nearly impossible to find employees.

Last summer, my buddy Chef Mike at ABG in Seaside Park was dangerously close to shutting down with a full restaurant because he couldn't find reliable and hard-working dishwashers.

He was offering an amazing wage, and even promised a "finders fee" to anyone that recommended an employee that worked out.

You can have all of the customers you want, but if there's isn't a restaurant staff, there's no business.

There are still help-wanted signs all over the Shore.

A while back, Esquire published a list of 100 Restaurants America Can't Afford to Lose.

I'm happy to share that two Jersey Shore favorites made the list.

Shout out to The Shrimp Box in Pt. Pleasant Beach and Squan Tavern in Manasquan.

This list got me thinking. Which Jersey Shore restaurants can't we afford to lose due to COVID?

If you've got an addition to the list, let me know. Matt@943thepoint.com.


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