Snow is expected this week at the Jersey Shore so it's only fitting Vic Dibitetto reminds us to get the "Bread & Milk". WATCH BELOW:

Every year I see this video and every year I laugh out loud. The video was first uploaded in February of 2013 and it now has over 19 million views. It's a timeless classic!

Vic DiBitetto is an awesome comedian and pretty much everything he does gets positive reviews. I, unfortunately, haven't seen him LIVE at a comedy show yet but many of my friends who have seen him perform say he is hilarious. This is easily my favorite Vic DiBitetto video. "Ticked Off Vic" is a segment he does, which totally exposes the things that bother him. The airplane etiquette video is completely over the top yet it's hysterical. He speaks the truth... WATCH BELOW:

Vic Dibitetto will be at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club in Point Pleasant this Saturday, December 19th. In addition, He'll be at Count Basie in March. For more details about shows and tickets, visit his website... CLICK HERE!

If you clicked this article to see what the snow forecast will be... I am no meteorologist but definitely expect snow Wednesday and Thursday this week. Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said it best, the precise details of snow vs. ice vs. rain and accumulations remain highly uncertain. Follow Dan Zarrow for the best weather updates by clicking this link. 

Have a safe winter and holiday season! Thank you for listening to 94.3 The Point & "Nights with Jimmy G" - Jimmy G

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